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  • #1 in Australia and #5 in the world for graduate employability*
  • #12 in the world for Education*
  • #23 in the world for Arts and Humanities*
  • 270+ international exchange partners
  • *2019 QS World University Rankings
Study area_

Undergraduate courses

Graduate career-ready
We’re all about ideas. Whether in the classroom, on an industry placement or overseas exchange, you will bring your intellectual curiosity to bear on some of the most complex issues and questions of the 21st century.

Explore your passions and interests with more than 20 undergraduate degrees on offer in areas such as economics, education, international and global studies, languages, media and communications, politics, social work and visual arts.

Our undergraduate curriculum gives you the opportunity to build a degree tailored to your areas of interest and career goals. You’ll gain expertise in your chosen subject areas as well as skills that will serve you well in a rapidly changing world: cross-disciplinary problem solving; advanced critical thinking; effectiveness in cross-cultural contexts; and a talent for leadership, entrepreneurship and personal resilience.

Whether you’re already sure of your career path or you’re still deciding, when you join our faculty we'll help prepare you for the future.


Visual Arts 辽阳益中泰科技有限公司

To be eligible for admission to our Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Visual Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies degrees you will need to submit a portfolio of your artwork. 


Majors 蚌埠光义顺贸易有限公司

The following majors are available to all students studying the Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Visual Arts, as well as all combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies  degrees,  and are part of the shared pool of majors and minors.

Minors 陕西省茂发复贸易有限公司

The following minors are available to all students studying the Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Visual Arts, as well as all combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies  degrees, and are part of the shared pool of majors and minors.


  • Our graduates have been named the most employable in Australia and in the top 5 globally, according to the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings.
  • We’re ranked in the top 30 in the world for anthropology, archaeology, development studies, education, English language and literature, history, modern languages, politics and international studies, social policy and administration, and social sciences and management.
  • Gain real-world experience through placements with corporate, government and not-for-profit partner organisations.
  • Study overseas as part of many of our degrees, taking semester-long exchanges or short courses.
  • Access a shared pool of more than 100 majors and minors from areas across the University.
  • Take advantage of our faculty mentoring program through which you’ll have access to a personal mentor, skills-building workshops, exclusive talks and seminars.


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Arts and Social Sciences student
"I get to delve into the nuances of subject areas that I have a strong passion for and can’t experience anywhere else, and I can get involved with fantastic clubs and societies on campus with broad or niche interests alongside like-minded individuals."
View our study areas


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